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Advanced Self-Healing Technology

Paint protection and hard surface product that is far superior to any ceramic or glass coating sold on the market today.

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After curing, REVIVIfy starts its superior adhesion to the paint, creates super hydrophobic surface tension, and adds durability to protect against salt, Ultra Violet Rays, all weather conditions, chemical resistant similar to paint protection film.


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Activated with heat from the sun, hot water, or hot air. There’s no limit to how many times the coating can restore itself from minor scratches & swirl marks.



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The liquid shine that comes from REVIVIfy is unlike any other product. You’ll have to see it to believe it.



Sherry Ann Santos
Sherry Ann Santos
Service is awesome. Highly recommended
Industry Drone Systems -IDS
Industry Drone Systems -IDS
David did a fantastic job on my wife's 2018 Tahoe. We had it detailed and Ceramicoated. The ceramicoat works incredibly. Rarely have to wash her car. Super great work and incredibly friendly. Highly recommend for all your detailing needs.
Jacob Kashani
Jacob Kashani
This is my second time bringing my VERY expensive cars to Dave at Watershed. I drive 60 miles to come here. My cars look insane... The paint is like glass! Can’t compare to anyone else that has done paint detail for me. Oh and I paint cars, so this is a big statement coming from me.
Evelyn Robertson
Evelyn Robertson
Vincent Packer
Vincent Packer
I am a person who is very hesitant to leave my car with anyone. Having worked at a dealership myself, I know first hand that most people have very little care about customer's vehicles. Even independent shops and detailers are known for carelessness and sloppy work. All this to say, David at Watershed is the ONLY person who I fully trust with my car. I used to work at an independent auto shop near Watershed, so I am an eye witness of David's work. He is a person who pays attention to detail. The delicate and intricate care of each vehicle is very impressive. I have been taking my car to him for years, and honestly he is more like a primary care doctor for my car. He is aware of every little detail and gives a full treatment plan for the long term care of my vehicle. The work is honest, and to the point. He won't over sell you unnecessary services like most other people would. Thanks to Watershed I am sure that my car is in good hands.
Joe Metzger
Joe Metzger
I was fortunate enough to hear about Watershed Auto Care through a coworker about a year ago. Since then I have taken two vehicles to David at Watershed. The first one was a 2014 Ford Flex that I inherited as a result of my father passing away so it had a lot of sentimental value. I had paint correction done on it, a clear bra installed and it looks better than new!! Every single swirl mark was removed as a result of David’s 2.5 day efforts. If interested he will tell and show you exactly how to wash it yourself so that you don’t put swirl marks back on it. The second vehicle was a 2015 BMW X1 which I had a single stage polish and clear bra installed. He made it look better than the day I picked it up and the dealer! I can’t write down or say enough amazing compliments regarding David’s attention to detail, workmanship and fair pricing. I will never go anywhere else for my paint finish restoration and protection needs.

Take Your Paint Protection to the Next Level

REVIVIfy. An advanced, self-healing, silicon based, hard-surface coating similar to paint protection film. REVIVIfy allows for a true healing process of minor scratches & swirl marks, unlike any other traditional ceramic coatings.

Traditional 9H/10H ceramic coatings are repaired from scratches only by polishing and reapplying the ceramic.  Harsh contaminants, such as bird droppings or even hard water, when neglected on the surface would permanently etch these type of traditional ceramic coatings.

REVIVIfy solves all of these issues with its self-healing capabilities. It’s a silicon based, flexible coating – so if scratched or etched, it will restore back to its original state with heat! Additionally, it actively provides significantly better water-spot protection when compared with traditional 9H/10H ceramic coatings.

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