BMW 335i before, during, and after paint correction

October 20th, 2014

This 2009 BMW 335i was brought to us after 5 years of repeatedly being driven through tunnel washes, and never receiving a complete detail. We preformed a full Stage 2 detail to bring the Black Sapphire paint back to life.


Notice the uniform defective scratching through out the entire vehicle. This is caused by improper washing/drying techniques, as well as normal wear and tear of a daily driver. Your paint’s finish can become so filled with scratches and defects that it causes a spiderweb effect when a bright light is placed directly on the car. These are known as “cobweb swirls” or “micro marring.”

Here are some pictures showing the defects on the paint before we started our stage 2 process.

before doorbefore door2before hoodbefore trunk

Now, here are some pictures during and after the Stage 2 detail.

photo (5)after prep wash


Multiple professional polishers were used to achieve the “show room” finish.

polishing 2


before and after 5050

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